A little bit of desperation, a little bit sleep deprivation.

The words below this paragraph were written when I first started this blog, which was somewhere around when I was 14-15. I’m a 118 now. I’ve considered changing the about page but screw it. Don’t linger too long here. Head on over to one of my more recent stuff (please) so you can find out for yourself just how mind-numbing I can be. I’m kidding. You will be blown away. I swear on all my 118 years of existence. Because I am 118. People over 100 years of age never lie. Also! I’m a med student now. what. 

I’d like to think that this isn’t just another typical teenage blog, but then again I might be wrong. This isn’t about some particular aspect of my life–it’s actually really random…just things which my fingers seem to automatically start typing when they see an empty Word document.

Writing is my…lemonade on a dry, hot afternoon; its not really an escape, its more like my coping mechanism: when I’m feeling terrible and everything about my life seems terrible, i write and get over it. Writing doesn’t make everything okay, it just makes them…reasonable. Like there is a method to all this madness. You know when Life seems so adamant at turning you into a sensible, realistic person and sometimes takes it too far and shatters all hope, Writing steps in and quietly nudges Life out of the way, sits down and softly explains why Life does what it does and that its really not its fault–its just trying to help. And all the anxiety and fears just melt away as I soak in Writing’s warmth and I’m no longer angry at Life, but understanding. And Life’s harsh words no longer seems harsh, they sound concerned..? Does that make sense? I don’t know how else to explain this. But yeah, Writing is my person. And it just makes everything make sense.

One day I hope to write about things which actually matter to people–affect people. It would be nice, you know, to write something which becomes somebody else’s ‘person’. Right now, I write about trivial things but someday…someday I’m going to be great.

Is that conceited?

A quick glance at the categories I frequent:

  • Narcissistic Neanderthal– Personal stuff that is riddled with that good ole teenage angst, occasionally with cheerful updates.
  • Fiction– Shockingly, exactly what the title says.    [sidenote: sometimes there are posts that fall under both the mentioned categories]
  • 2 o’clock ditherings– Mildly disturbing stuff that came out of nowhere + stuff I literally wrote at 2 am/pm.
  • Poem? Poem?– Maybe it’s Maybelline; maybe it’s a collection of pathetic attempts at rhyming and questionable sentence structure.
  • Les M.I.S -Started way back when.  A collection of stuff written on the backs of restaurant bills and old newspaper while travelling. (M.I.S stands for My India Story because I live in India and travel around it, and I had recently seen Les Mis)
  • GCSE Literature– That one time I let my inner lit nerd out on this blog. Consists of one crisp chip: an analysis from the 9th grade. woohoo.


Yours Truly,

Simran Can’t Curse On Paper

Simran Can’t Curse On Paper
(S.C.C.O.P– which I think sounds wonderful)


54 thoughts on “About

    1. Its the ‘recommended’ size according to the theme but it seems the header images are zoomed in slightly when displayed, I just noticed it and I’m working on it, thanks for bringing it to my attention though! 🙂

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  1. *something about how cute this blog is*

    It really is. Cute, I mean. Most of your lines depict what most of us feel all the time.
    Thanks for the follow, hoping to see you around. 🙂


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  2. That is not conceited, that is confident. I agree with a prior comment…I would not have guessed your age by your writing. Keep at it, and you will no doubt be great indeed! (Although who is to say that you aren’t already?) 🙂

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  3. Regarding being “another typical teenage blog” – I was reading a few / several of your recent posts (just stumbled upon your blog from another blog) and I seriously did not think you were a teenager until I got to that post about turning 30, and realised you’re actually only 15. To be fair, I haven’t read a lot of teenage blogs before, so maybe it’s not for me to judge, but I do like your writing style!

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  4. “Writing doesn’t make everything okay, it just makes them…reasonable. Like there is a method to all this madness”
    Can I just take a moment and say how precisely you have described my exact feelings above. I too, like you, take a refuge here, on my blog. When life seems too brutal or too obnoxious to handle I come here and start jarring my keyboard with random thoughts.
    It gives me peace and like a guardian explains to me that everything is gonna be alright.

    Great blog you have there.
    You Go Girl! 🙂


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