Three Day Three Quote Challenge II

Hey at least I got the title right. And since there is still twenty minutes left for this day to be over, I still haven’t broken the 3-consecutive-days rule. Cutting it awfully close though.


Nominees for today:

Yours Truly,



Tried To Find A Clever Alternative to the Title…

…I’m kidding, I didn’t really try. Its about 2 am and my neurons seem to be slightly drowsy (either that or the fear of failure is drenching everything in its cold, heavy sweat. Now there’s a pretty picture.) Anyhoo, getting to the point: The Three Day Three Quotes Challenge. Which should have been the title of this post I suppose, but like I said I was desperately trying to be witty…nein.

Onward then.

I like this one because its what I’ve always believed in. That you don’t really need a lot of anything else as long as you have your head and all the different multitudes that is you. I believe Frank McCourt says it best:

“It’s lovely to know the world can’t interfere with the inside of your head.”

And as far as the nominees are concerned:

Yours Truly,



“He lingered at the door, and said, ‘The Lion wants courage, the Tin Man a heart, and the Scarecrow brains. Dorothy wants to go home. What do you want?’…
She couldn’t say forgiveness, not to Liir. She started to say ‘a soldier,’ to make fun of his mooning affections over the guys in uniform. But realizing even as she said it that he would be hurt, she caught herself halfway, and in the end what came out of her mouth surprised them both.
She said, ‘A soul-‘
He blinked at her.”