Les M.I.S

Weeell, so much for keeping a diary…turns out when you’re having fun, it’s kind of hard to garner the patience to sit and type it all out…also, I don’t exactly have a life worth writing about, my brother on the other hand could probably write circles around me as far as interesting goes…

Anyway here is what happened since I last wrote in this digital journal (in a nutshell):

  • Apparently my brother has found his soulmate (he’s four, by the way)
  • Mushir and Naveen bhaiyya came and went, and yes we played Dumb Charades (I even busted out a John Travolta move)
  • I nearly died…(okay fine, I didn’t)
  • I got more canvas sheets (eco-friendly, thank you very much)
  • We went to an amusement park where I nearly pulled a muscle in the Space Adventure ride where we were hurtled in a metal container at 90 km/sec along a very twisty track (even did a complete 360 twice), though thankfully in the photo they take mid-ride I was laughing, even though inside I was like: Gah. Gaaaaah. Gaaaaaah!

    Oh Sweet Mother--
    Oh Sweet Mother–
  • I have figured out who I really want to be, though the chances of me actually becoming that person are about as high as a pi-bond being formed between two s-orbitals (which, for those of you who are chemistrically-challenged—or have a life—is absolutely impossible)
  • I’m aware chemistrically is not a word
  • I reiterate that I lead a very uneventful life.

Even though I didn’t exactly make any regular diary entries, being on the road, did bring out my wordy-tendencies. They’re not very long, and definitely not interrelated. Together I call them My India Story, or Les M.I.S (geddit? And yes, I’m aware that grammatically, it doesn’t make much sense) Also, do not forget that these are simply a work of fiction and I may/may not be able to relate to them.

Garrulous, the First:

I came to abhor the air-conditioning in the car. My mother hated it when I opened the window (she wasn’t alone in her sentiments, nearly my whole family did) and I was rarely, if ever, allowed to roll down the window, which of course only intensified my longing to feel the wind on my eyes.

It was all these little things which suffocated me; buried me deeper and deeper under disappointment and unattainable fantasies. I dreamed of walking, unobstructed through empty foreign streets where no one knew me and all that I was, was a stranger. Not a daughter, or sister, or friend or even Nina, but a complete stranger, unknown and mysterious and intriguing. That was my fairytale. Not castles or princes or dresses or fairies or even a happy ever after. That was all the magic I needed and wanted. But of course, like all fairy tales, it was simply wishful thinking.

Sometimes I used to get up, before anyone else, including the literal early birds, and take a warm shower. And somewhere in the middle, I would suddenly turn the dial so the water became cold. Not freezing, but cool enough. And I’d imagine it to be the serene rain of some exotic beach far away from civilization, and I could hear the waves and almost feel the sand beneath my toes. I found that I was happiest when alone (not that I didn’t enjoy company, I just liked to swish things around in my mind and mull over them for no reason) which was odd seeing how I came from a large, close-knit family and rarely ever got any alone, quiet time. But the shower was one place where I truly was alone. I could be anyone I wanted to be in there: a Russian writer, a renowned English author, a water bender, an orphan finally out in the world, powerful. I could be my own master. It was beautiful. But brief, and I would come crashing down to reality and back to being Nina: failed daughter, useless sister, unintentionally clueless friend. It was cowardly, I know, to escape into the irrational recesses of my mind, but it was peaceful.

That last seems fairly clever, doesn’t it? Isn’t that what girls want, to be clever? I do get pleased when I manage to be clever, but also awfully depressed, because it seems like that is all I am ever going to be: something clever. I don’t seem capable of saying anything of substance, only clever idiocy. I wrote an article on gender equality once, and that was the only time I ever felt relevant or important. But as it turned out, the piece was complete trash anyway, so I guess it’s a moot point.

That’s another clever word: moot.

Well, that was the first of ‘em. The others will be separate posts, ‘cause cramming all of them into one post might make it too long, making reading tedious.

Yours Truly,

Something Clever


Well, This Started Out As One Thing…

I have decided to write a journal of sorts for the duration of this vacation—you know, like documenting the last few days of 2014. I have deemed it An Entirely Noble, But Probably Failed Attempt at Keeping a Diary.

Day One.


Today we reached Mumbai.

Time: 2 something in the afternoon.

Mood: Hungry, excited, slightly hung-over from the ice-cream from last night and the pink French toast we had for breakfast.

Itinerary: Eat. Maybe buy Sam a dress for the wedding. Get Niks a Barbie.

Hello, dear readers, how are you? I don’t think I ask that enough (or at all). How was Christmas/Hanukkah? Yesterday was my parents’ anniversary. It was spent in a car. It was fun, though (at least it was for me, I can’t speak for my mum and dad who celebrated/did not celebrate their 17th anniversary cooped up in a metal vehicle. For what it’s worth, they didn’t seem to mind it much)

You never realize just how uneventful your life is until you start documenting it…It’s kind of pathetic (but then again, some would argue so is keeping a diary, so I guess it’s too late to worry about losing whatever cool points I had) It’s been a while since I last posted something…it’s been a busy couple of weeks. Our school turned ten this year and we have the decade celebrations in April and the school decided they were going to do a musical, so I have been helping in writing the script which had to be done within about two weeks. Add to that the stress of starting AS Levels and a determination to not have a repeat of my 10th grade (which, if you’ve been around a while, will know was horrible and a terrible let-down), plus some other work involving helping out 7th graders with their project and a freshman with his literature, and other council work and you have what is known as “something-I-wouldn’t-wish-on-anyone”.

Nah, I’m just exaggerating. Well, sort of. I mean it was busy, yes, but also a lot of fun (the freshman is really cool and we’re really great friends now, 7th graders are surprisingly funny and I kind of like being busy, distracts me from the stuff I very much need distraction from) But I definitely will not miss having to stay up late and finish my school work—which was made all the more harder ‘cause I had to beg my classmates to send me pictures of the chapter and it’s exercises since I haven’t gotten my books yet (I know, TERRIBLE!), but that was partly my fault since I paid the fees kind of late, but hopefully, I’ll get them on the first day back to school next year.

Wow. This whole thing was completely pointless and a bore, and I’m assuming you probably skipped over some parts (I don’t blame you, I think I did too while proof-reading it)

Hopefully, seeing how the wedding is tomorrow, I’ll have better things to write about. Did I tell you about the wedding? I don’t think so…Well, a former student of my parents’ is getting married, and my parents are pretty close to him and a couple other students (Sam and I always play Dumb Charades and other games with them for hours whenever they visit) It’s nice to have pseudo-older brothers, though I always do get terribly shy and quiet for the first few hours when I see them, but that passes soon enough. So, yeah, Mushir bhaiyya is getting married tomorrow and I haven’t seen the bride yet, so I’m excited.

So, I guess that is it for now (ugh, worst sign-off ever in the history of lame-sign-offs, let me try another one: )


from those good people at Girl-Next-Door.inc

Wait, before I go, I just learnt that it is a rookie mistake to not have a proper sign-off in your blog posts, so I have decided to dedicate the rest of this hour to coming up with a good one…

Well, these are the ones I thought of in the first fifteen minutes:

  • Live Long and Prosper (hangs head in shame; this was the first one that popped in my head, could I be any more predictable?)
  • May the force be with you (really, considering the previous one, this was a given)
  • Toodles! (well, this one also requires a fluffy pink handbag and killer (literally) heels, so that is ah-no)
  • Self-destruct begins in 5, 4 , 3, 2…(I kind of like this one)
  • Disclaimer: No iguanas were harmed in the making of this atrocious piece, though the same cannot be said about the dodos…*shrug*
  • You’re all going to die.
  • Pluto 4 eva (I cringed too)
  • Destroy this shameless letter as soon as you read it, Cassandra (up top if you understand the obscure reference)
  • Homer Simpson out
  • I know what you did last summer (*throws hands in the air like I don’t care* What?)
  • Beware the Dolphin Invasion
  • Click here for a free zombie-apocalypse survival kit
  • Death to Brussel sprouts
  • Heil Hitler (too serial killer-y?)
  • Mostgirls.co.in (blech.)
  • Would you like some tea with that?
  • Ciao for now (I have no words…)
  • Brought to you by a failure heading nowhere
  • I’m going to die anyway, so what is even the point
  • Ugh. As if.
  • Die.
  • All the world’s a Schrödinger Box, and we but dead cats

Well, I stopped after that because it only got more morbid as I went on.

Anyway, here is the one I decided upon:

I see a blue bird and shall now begin its pursuit.

…Or not. Well, what do you think?

Yours Truly,

Something Clever

P.S I was told that making a blog all about oneself is a big no-no, so here is something we can all relate to: