Humanity: A Child’s Fantasy

So yes, technically I did break the consecutive days rule. But exams, so I shall forgive myself and hope you do the same. Not that you’d care one way or the other. My AS Levels are finally over by the way. You’re looking at/reading a 12th grader.

And then I got busy with not being busy at all and took a proper, complete break; no extra-curriculars nothing, just sitting at home reading again, watching Jim Carrey, downloading His Girl Friday and anime (Death Note, for those of you interested), painting CDs and scratching over them and reorganizing my books and did I mention reading? Yes well point is, I did neglect the blog. I seem to be most inclined to write when I have no time for it and other, more important work to get to.

Anyway I don’t know if that disqualifies me from the challenge (are there such things as the Challenge Police? If so, I seem uncharacteristically curious about their tagline) but I suppose I’ll put it up anyway.



We’ve all heard about the attacks in Paris, and some of us to a lesser extent the ones in Beirut…prayers for the recovery of the people hurt and for justice being meted to those responsible.

It got me thinking. About how people claim this generation doesn’t have much to deal with. I think a lot of them forget that we are the children of War.  We pay the price for the events set in motion by those who walked the earth before us. We live through the wonderful and sometimes truly horrific consequences of the civil wars and world wars  and revolutions that our elders claim gave their lives meaning—I do not mean to condemn those or offend any veterans, I truly don’t.

In my country there are still people who say they hate Pakistan and it deserves the worst for what it did to our ancestors, in fact, there are people in my own class who believe so. Any mention of how those responsible are now already dead and that only the innocent descendants of theirs remain—like only the children remain in our country—are swept aside, hardly considered relevant, just like any arguments about how both sides have their share of bloodied hands.

Prejudice runs deep, all around the world. Children of war, born to hate. Even if those who caused the pain no longer remain to witness the repercussions and be held accountable for them. An eye for an eye is vengeance, regardless of who you’re blinding.

It is, of course foolish to pin the responsibility of the existence of groups such as the ISIS and Taliban solely on ineffectual government or meddling countries and any attempts I make at doing so will be riddled with ignorance and incomplete understanding of history, so I shall not try to do that.

What I will do though is pray for forgiveness, all around. Even for those considered evil. Pray for the hate to finally die down and not be reborn with every new child because of another eye blasted out of the socket. Pray for the hearts of those responsible, that they may not wither out and die from all the suffering they caused; pray for the innocent, lying dead, for crimes whose occurrence they had no hand or say in.

Pray for the children, born to hate. Born to flames and embers. Lost and alone, pray for their beating red hearts to not grow dead.

Yours Truly,


P.S I know the title was unjustifiably cynical and I don’t mean it, not yet, I think.


Three Day Three Quote Challenge II

Hey at least I got the title right. And since there is still twenty minutes left for this day to be over, I still haven’t broken the 3-consecutive-days rule. Cutting it awfully close though.


Nominees for today:

Yours Truly,


Tried To Find A Clever Alternative to the Title…

…I’m kidding, I didn’t really try. Its about 2 am and my neurons seem to be slightly drowsy (either that or the fear of failure is drenching everything in its cold, heavy sweat. Now there’s a pretty picture.) Anyhoo, getting to the point: The Three Day Three Quotes Challenge. Which should have been the title of this post I suppose, but like I said I was desperately trying to be witty…nein.

Onward then.

I like this one because its what I’ve always believed in. That you don’t really need a lot of anything else as long as you have your head and all the different multitudes that is you. I believe Frank McCourt says it best:

“It’s lovely to know the world can’t interfere with the inside of your head.”

And as far as the nominees are concerned:

Yours Truly,


So Ver(acit)y Sorry (Cringe)

I doubt I will succeed. I am bound to slip up any time now. Maybe I’ll write an adjective and never even realize I wrote it and then congratulate myself only to be dragged right back down.  Do you think you could do it? I like painting. I was going to go on about my doubts about completing this paragraph, but maybe distraction works for geniuses—now of course I could blush and pretend to not know that I am one, but let’s face it. I also happen to like books. And thermocol. And blue sketch pens.  Has it been a paragraph yet? Word count informs me I have written about a 100 words. I was going to make an observation right now but it involves an adjective, well several—I can’t decide if this challenge stunts creativity (since it forbids adjectives and therefore certain thoughts from being written down) or stimulates it (since it forbids adjectives and therefore certain thoughts from being written down)

Aaaand that maarrrvelous creation (play along with me here) above was my response to the Veracity Challenge, for which Acasil nominated me a few days ago. Keep in mind that mine is a very adjective-rich life and being deprived of them severely handicapped me, so I apologize if this was a whole ‘nother level of craptasticness.

I’d like to nominate all bloggers who read this. Please? I know not nominating them by name seems lazy (it is.) but I’m not being lazy (I am.), I just think it’s an interesting challenge and would like to see your response to it (that too.)

Oh, the rules by the way:

  1. Write a paragraph without using a single adjective.
  2. Keep the link of the original Veracity Challenge in your post (so that the creator of the challenge may receive a pingback)
  3. Anyone can join the challenge, you don’t have to be nominated!
  4. Nominate 6 Bloggers for this challenge

Okay now that it is right in front of me, I can’t ignore the rules (yeah yeah yeah, I know what I said about being a badass–STOP sniggering!) and  I don’t like shirkers, so I’m going to nominate the six bloggers anyway (not that others can’t try the challenge) :

Awfully sorry if I put you to sleep,