Stardust Schmardust

In which I am a sloth, but all you see is the flower.


They whisper:

‘you have stardust in your veins.’

And fling you into the night.

(justification for offering you to the dark,

to be forgotten once out of sight)


A “dying star” they tag you,

running their hands along your wrist;

except that is only half true,

but that doesn’t matter once you’re shrouded in mist–

-coloured pink and pale blue,

cherry blossoms like some Japanese cartoon.

You are not you.


But a story, poem, heartbreak

to be immortalized in paper and glue;

tragic and tortured

–because how else would they love you?


Yours Truly,

? (I need another sign-off, that image wasn’t even mine, I just found it on the interwebz)


PS. Oh would you look at that. Actual, regular posts?! Hah, no. The last 3 were things I had written before but forgotten to put on here but then decided I shouldn’t deprive you of those because they are so great just the best top marks top notch the absolute best is what they are. 

PPS: how’s this for a sign off:


7 thoughts on “Stardust Schmardust

  1. heyzlos
    (that was a hello)

    i’ve nominated you for the valiant blogger award, so you should check it out here -

    there was probably a more sophisticated way of doing this but i’m somewhat technoprimitive so ….

    Liked by 1 person

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