Of Crumbling Moons And Wayward Creeks (formerly Finding My Opti in This Mist {Geddit?})

Hi there. Hello. ‘Sup homeslice? Hola.  How goes it fellow keyboard-tappin’, bubblegum-poppin’, featured-image-croppin’ (what?) creatures of the written word?

(I don’t even have bubblegum)

This is your Captain speaking. Captain of Finding My Opti In This Mist. Look at me. Look at me. I am the Captain now.

I’m just trying to say hi, okay? Okay? Okay.(Apparently I decided the best way to do that was by slashing through gerunds and adopting unnatural slang greetings. Nice.)

I’ll keep this brief.

This is just to inform whatever handful of readers I have about a couple of changes to the blog (though I am going out on a very shaky limb here when I assume those few readers would actually be concerned with said changes, but onwards!).

The blog name, for one, has been changed to ‘Crumbling Moons and Wayward Creeks’. I’m not sure how that sounds but I was getting tired of the old blog name, and yes, yes I know this will be my second name change but just…okay? I’ve been informed by the powers that be (namely Google) that changing the name of your site results in a decreased number of hits. Well, what can you do? Hopefully those who never find my blog will eventually be able to fill the gaping hole in their existence that was destined to be filled by my words (until I decided to up and change the site title) with something of close enough (if not equal) profundity. After being given a reasonable amount of time to cope, that is.

And of course my flippancy about the loss of those potential readers means that I won’t be crying into my pillow every night for the next few months when blog stats plummet even further until this little corner of the internet eventually meets its inevitable fate: final and absolute oblivion.

Obviously I will not be doing that.

The theme has also been changed (evidently my restlessness about everything else in my life has managed to seep onto here. Hurray), making this about the 100th time that I have done that.

And that’s about it, I think. Everything else is more or less the same. Do let me know what you think about the new name and look? And whether I should just go back to the old one?

Please? Don’t leave my fragile self hanging here.

Yours Truly,



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