Part One

The low hum of conversation in the next room came to an abrupt halt as the lamp crashed against the wall. Great. More fodder for the gab hags to exchange over tea or coffee or, most likely, alcohol. She had terrible aim; the lamp had grazed against my shoulder and I’m certain she’d just meant for it to find its mark a more reassuring distance away from my body. Surely.

I looked to her, annoyance bubbling up, shock and exhaustion and the slightest twinge of regret–quickly stamped out by anger instead–rising to the back of my throat, only to find the faintest twinkle of mirth in her eyes–which of course she was trying with all her might to extinguish. She did always have the most insanely ill-timed, queerest sense of humor.

“I, I’ve never done that.”

“I should hope not.”, I said dryly and a laugh escaped–from her–short but…full. Complete, it was a, uh complete laugh, you know what I mean? Not hollow, not humorless but not entirely light-hearted either, more of a…dark green. It was a dark green laugh. It had been a while since she’d laughed at all, so dark green was good.

“I’m sorry, I don’t know what I was—“, her eyes were wide, genuine bewilderment at that physical lashing out. I wanted to start apologizing right away for everything that had driven the usually stoic, almost inhumanely emotionally blank person in front of me to kick and punch her way out of her usual cocoon of icy, silent, detched anger that normally wrapped around her and hurl a lamp at me.

Instead, all I said was, “Yeah..”

And she was laughing again, “I’m sorry, its just, that was so dramatic. What are we doing? It was like some  scene out of one of those annoying soaps! This isn’t me.”
I stood near the bed, the annoyance and anger dissipating, leaving begind the guilt and regret, the smallest laugh slowly expelling from my lungs, mild and cautious until I was shaking with laughter, except mine was hollow now. We laughed in the dim light of the fading day, hers a dark green and mine a sickly yellow.
A few minutes. A quite whisper, “This isn’t me, what have you done?”


I haven’t written in a long while, or been on wordpress and read any blogs and I feel strangely guilty about that though I don’t understand it. Also typing on a phone is so much harder and I’m still trying to figure out my way around the app and not doing so well for now, but I shall learn.
Anyway the above is a multi-part story (for now; I might end up abandoning it, you never know) and I haven’t made up my mind about it and I dont knw why I wrote this section after the story because I have nothing of importance to write to you, so I may as well sleep.

Yours truly,
Something clever

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5 thoughts on “Part One

  1. I was starting to wonder where you’d gone! I also sometimes feel guilty if I’ve been away from WordPress for too long. But, really, there’s nothing to feel bad about 🙂

    That is an intriguing story. I like stories with a bit of a psychological aspect to them

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