Well I recently found an old diary of mine from when I was ages 11 through 13. Needless to say I tore all the pages out and cut them up into tiny squares, because OH DEAR LORD WHAT WAS I??! Not that I’m any better now. But I do think I have toned it down a little. No?

Now of course, like everyone else, I wish I had been a mature, intelligent, sound little tween. Alas.

“Have decided 2 stop writing stories other than 4 school. If my own mother doesn’t want to read it, how can I expect total strangers to do so?

Even if I do write something, I’m not gonna show mum. Absolutely.”

Yeah that’ll show her! Oh however will she survive? And apparently I was in too much of a hurry to bother with actual words.

“I really do want to be my old, happy self again but that’s near impossible HERE!

*Emoticon which I don’t know how to type*


Background: we moved again. No friends. Missed old ones. Sigh. I don’t…what?

“He’s an idiot. Why make such a scene? Honestly, a fight in the assembly area?! Has he not embarrassed me enough at school? What is it with boys and this need to be bollywood-macho? Ugh. NEVER talking 2 him again. It is kinda flattering, though. Giggle. BUT still very juvenile…


There’s a man on the apartment balcony opposite my window. His bald head is very shiny. If I were 2 go bald, would it be that impressive?”

That one is kind of obnoxious, isn’t it? Its very obnoxious for a sixth-grader, but you know how middle-school drama can be. And what is that: ‘giggle’?! Cringe. Cringe. Cringe all the way to the heart-shaped crater on Pluto and back. Pluto because ‘hell’ isn’t a very nice word, as was mentioned by 11 year old me, thereby saying ‘hell and back’ means that will be where I will be going when I’m dead and six feet under. Yeah I wasn’t in with the cool kids ever.

And that’s all for today, folks! Now excuse me while I go burn all evidence of that atrocity.

Yours Truly,


12 thoughts on “Cringe.

  1. AAAAHHHH YASS!!!! OMFG! This was SO me, back in the day. My old facebook posts are worse. *ahem*
    “LOLOLOLOL hanging out wif da blind ppl 2day!!!!!! It will b sooooooooo great!”
    “I hate my life, it’s so bad being me!!!”
    “I love my bf soooooooo much xxxxxxx”
    Almost direct quotes. So I know how you feel 😀

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