Not Quite Right

I have this thing where I draw almost pretty faces. It isn’t intentional. You know how sometimes when you paint or draw or sketch, everything is great up until a point, and then you can feel yourself going off-track? You know that you’re supposed to stop right then and take a breath and look at it. Stop and look and distance yourself so you find it again. Well I can’t do that. I know I’ll regret it later and that this’ll just render all my previous hard work irrelevant, but I can’t stop. It’s this almost destructive urge to spoil that which has been coming along so good (if I do say so myself) up until then. And when others look at it they know something is wrong but they can’t really figure out what.

But some of them I actually like even if they seem unappealing to everyone else:

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Yours Truly,



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