Not One.


There are these people in your lives that are absolutely perfect. They’re not flawless, but they are perfect. And the sad part is, sometimes even when you tell them, they refuse to believe it. It’s not that they’re being modest, they genuinely don’t believe it.

I don’t get it. I don’t understand how someone can be that wonderful and never even realize it. And I know most people would say that’s part of their charm, but it just pains me really. To see them going through life thinking that low of themselves when they mean so much.

We all have one of those, right? Well I’m surrounded by them. All these perfect people who shouldn’t be putting themselves down but always are and it’s sad.

I asked a few friends to name just three good things about themselves. Only one of them did. And even he was unsure in the beginning. And well this guy has always had an ego. Not the obnoxious, ugh kind, but the refreshing, self-confident kind. It’s a welcome change in a teenager. My best friend flat-out refused to do it. Another friend of mine said there weren’t any; a fourth kept asking me why I was making her do it. And the fifth said she’d tell me as soon as anything came to mind, except I think nothing did, because she is yet to get back to me. And so on and so forth. Why are we so afraid to accept the good stuff? Are we afraid of coming off as arrogant? Or are we afraid of jinxing it? Or—and the worst of all—do we just truly believe there is nothing to accept?

I know a few confident people from school—and one day I realized it was really all an act. They just didn’t want to appear vulnerable.

All these perfect people. And not one who sees it himself.

Yours Truly,

sc edited

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