Today was the first of my board exams. My life for the past two-three months has been leading up to this day. Doomsday.

It was strangely anti-climactic. Considering how for the past few months I had been worrying and dreading this day, it was kind of disappointing, really. But I suppose that is to be expected.

Despite the fact that there were no Gestapo or the Einsatzgruppen (yes, that’s right, waddup Nazi reference?!) waiting to gun me down as soon as I entered the exam hall as I expected, it was actually a good day. I’m not sure how I’ll be scoring, but the thing is I had fun writing the exam. It’s been so long since I had fun writing an exam—any of the previous internal exams had been all pressure and tension. I know it’s weird to have ‘fun’ writing an exam, but there it is. I really did.

Anyway I now have to prepare for my ICT theory exam and biology practicals for tomorrow…

Reader: shuddup! This is the most boring thing ever

Me: Oh. Mmkay. *slowly slinks away with metaphorical tail between her legs*

Oh by the way, Did you know I plan on entering med school?

Reader: whatever happened to ‘slinking’ away?

Me: But…but..I missed you…*attempts a pout but realises the futility*

Reader: SO clingy I tell you.

Me: But…but…I wuv you!

Reader: Go away you dork! No one likes you!

Me: Do too!

Reader: do not!

Me: do too! *stamps foot*

Reader: Really? Who?

Me: Well…Henry and Claire…and Frank McCourt and John Grisham and Katy Carr and Roddy Doyle and Omar Khayyam…and a bunch of people

Reader: Who…? Why do these names seem familiar?

Me: Because!

Reader: You’re not making any sense…I’m just going to go away now

Me: FINE. *sobs*

Reader: Seriously, what is wrong with you?

Me: I’m a fallen tree in a forest lacking inhabitation.

Reader: Okay…*slowly backtracks*

Me: also—wait, where’d you go?

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