I’ve got my IGCSE boards in two days and am doomed haven’t yet started on my literature. Which is why I decided I would post my analysis of poems and stories here so that this way, I would be at least motivated to do lit regularly instead of the day before the exam… 😛

If you are an IGCSE Lit student, then this might be helpful, if not, then this place probably isn’t for you. This is a purely selfish endeavor and this page probably will be taken down after my boards are over…so if you want help in lit, head on over to GCSE Literature on the menu

update: I’m done with igcse literature!! so i probably wont post anything more there…unless someone asks me to…which is highly improbable.

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  1. Ok, breathe Simran! You’re going to get an A* for Literature! Your analyses were amazing and I bet the examiners will be stunned (in the good way ;)) when they see your paper…. Yup, they’re very helpful and lot better than most interpretations/ analyses on the Internet. Anyway, good luck for exams (… though you might not need it :P), and tell us how they go!

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