Writing a Love Letter

I wrote a letter once.

It was yesterday, I think

Or perhaps a few yesterdays ago.

I thought it was quite noble really

To put pen to paper while an emoji would’ve been much quicker.

I wrote to him

I carefully inked in my thoughts

Meticulously folded the paper

Excitedly went to the post office

And then waited for his reply


I waited a whole day

Or perhaps it was several

But the postman never had anything for me

Except for a couple of bills and a magazine subscription


Did he not like it?

Was it too much?

Did I do it wrong?

But how else does one declare their love?


I wrote about how on sunny days, he’d been my refreshing rain

I wrote about how on cloudy days, he’d been my Ray

I compared him to a rainy day, cosy, with that scent of just-washed dirt

I likened him to an earthworm, how he enhanced my very being

And declared the world just a smidgen more beautiful for his presence

I thought it romantic and sweet.

All he thought it worth was : “nyc 😉 Thanks alot ”


Alot. That had been his reply: ‘alot’

I vowed never to write a letter again

And dealt mostly in 😛 and 😀





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